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2024 Volunteer Visitor Training

January 16th marks the first day of our 2024 Volunteer Visitor Training. This training runs over eight weeks on Tuesday nights as well as two SaturdaysThe training covers numerous topics including an understanding of what palliative care is, medical care in dying, pain and symptom management, comfort measures, effective communication, psychosocial care of family and client, spiritual care and more. Content is delivered by experienced community professionals. Once trained, Volunteer Visitors work with patients and families in their homes, long-term care settings, and in hospital. They accompany clients who are nearing end-of-life through the emotions and practical realities of living with an illness. Volunteer Visitors also provide vigils for those in the last 72 hours of life. They are patient, compassionate, non-judgemental and are good at listening.

One of last years trainees had this to say about the program

“At first I was overwhelmed by the thought of supporting someone who has lost a loved one or who is palliative. What could I possibly bring to the table that would make a difference in someone else’s journey with grief?

I summoned up the courage to sign up for the volunteer training with hospice and showed up on Tuesday nights.

There I met fellow volunteers who shared their experiences with grief. I met and learned from many folks who work for or are affiliated with hospice. The training sessions were always well-planned and informative.

I came away with the understanding that listening and walking alongside our clients is the most important part of what we do. My hope is that death is recognised and honoured as being a part of life (and not talked about in whispers behind closed doors as it is in some places.)

I’m always learning and am in awe of what we do. The work that hospice does is such valuable, important work.”

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Visitor and attending the upcoming training, please complete the application here

Upon review of the application, our Client & Volunteer Coordinator will contact you for an interview. New volunteers require a criminal records check, attend monthly volunteer educational development meetings and learn from and with fellow volunteers.

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