Introducing Our New Strategic Plan

Welcome to the 2021 – 2026 Strategic Plan for Powell River Hospice Society (PRHS). Within this document you will find the passion and the excitement of our board as captured in our vision, mission and goals. The board has spent 8 months examining everything we stand for and everything we do, and has incorporated those discussions into this document, which we will use as our guide for future decision-making, planning for growth and expansion of our services.

Your board members have put an incredible amount of personal time and energy into bringing this strategic plan to fruition, and I thank them for all the additional hours they were not expecting to give when they stood for election!

Thank you to Julie Jenkins, whose expert facilitation skills prepared us for each session, walked us through what at times were difficult but necessary conversations and helped us feel comfortable with temporary uncertainty. Julie then synthesized all our discussions into clear and easy to understand documents.

I am excited at the possibilities for our organization as we move forward together with a structured, well-thought-out plan in hand, towards our vision of a community where all people are accompanied and supported during their end-of-life or bereavement journey. It has been an honour to be part of this process.

Cathy Fisher
President, PRHS

Click here to view the strategic plan summary as a PDF.

Our Future – Established and Budding

In Spring 2021, the Powell River Hospice Society board of directors and staff entered into a strategic planning process. The process started with revisiting and confirming our vision, mission and values for hospice care in the region. From this vision, we worked backwards towards the present, assessing our organizational strengths, our aspirations, and opportunities for growth.

The resulting strategic plan offers a roadmap for the future: measurable objectives and actions for the next three years, embedded within specific 5-year strategic priorities, embedded within more general 10-year goals. The plan is structured to guide decision-making and activities in the short- and medium-term, while leaving room for innovation, flexibility and responsiveness in an uncertain future.

Powell River Hospice Society’s strengths are clear:

• an engaged board and capable staff
• effective programs
• established policies and administrative functions
• a strong and committed volunteer base
• budding and established partnerships with key community players
• a compelling, heartfelt vision

After three group planning sessions, hours of solo reflection and much committee work, the result is a strategic plan that honours our community’s potential, our collective aspirations, and our deep commitment to quality living and dignified dying for all.

A community where all people are accompanied and supported on their end-of-life or bereavement journey.
Powell River Hospice Society provides compassionate support to individuals at the end of their life, to their family and friends, and to those who are grieving in Powell River, qathet Regional District and Tla’amin. We provide community education and advocacy regarding end-of-life issues.


We consider death a natural and meaningful part of life’s journey. The values that guide us are:


We are dedicated to supporting the community with quality end-of-life care. Through our dedication, we honour the people we serve, each other and ourselves.


Our practices are honest and inclusive. We take individual and collective responsibility for our actions. We are accountable and invite scrutiny.


We respect and honour each person’s individual journey.


Our work comes from a place of compassion and empathy in a non-judgemental manner as we:

• witness – we are present with dying and death as a witness to mystery
• honour – we respect and value the experience and choices of each individual
• hold sacred – we hold sacred the processes we behold
• show loving kindness – we hold our clients and ourselves in a bubble of caring, support and compassion


Collaboration is fundamental to achieving our best work. Respectful, honest, open communication with appreciation for diversity enables us to accomplish together what could not be achieved alone.


Through the active pursuit of skills, knowledge, growth and innovation, we achieve our highest personal and professional potential while providing quality end-of-life care.

Our Long-Term Goals (10-years)

By 2031, we want everyone in Powell River, qathet Regional District and Tla’amin Nation to have:

• the choice of hospice care at end of life, at home or in a community-based hospice bed
• practical and emotional support when a loved one is dying or when in bereavement
• a local healthcare system and community that embraces compassionate hospice care

Our Strategic Approach

We will approach our work strategically by:

● collaborating to enhance our impact
● being bold in the face of uncertainty
● continually evaluating, re-assessing and being open to change
● doing fewer things better

Strategic Priorities

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